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  Indian Foodtech Limited

Our People


Well-trained and motivated employees are a decisive factor for corporate success. Each individual’s know-how and dedication contributes to the long-term enhancement of shareholder value.


As an industrial producer, occupational safety which makes processes safer and safeguards the health of personnel is of particular importance to IFL since it contributes to the company’s success in the following ways:

Healthy employees are more satisfied and efficient. Customers also profit from safe working practices since mistakes are avoided and products are delivered on time and in accordance with the relevant specifications.

The aim of occupational safety measures is to prevent accidents at works and illness to ensure that all products manufactured are in line with the relevant specifications.

IFL endeavours to achieve this objective by raising employees’ awareness of risks and by promoting and training its personnel in the area of safety. Examples of this include regular and mandatory training courses and inspections relating to the areas of fire protection, risk analysis, hygiene and occupational health.


Under the auspices of the health promotion programme IFL has taken a wide range of different steps. The cooperation exist with local fitness centres as well as the opportunity to receive an annual health check-up at the company. IFL offers a comprehensive programme which includes health screening and various health-promoting activities such as nutritional programmes, stress management, dieting programmes etc., all of which are aimed at achieving lasting improvements in terms of the health and wellbeing of personnel.


The performance and motivation levels of our personnel are the key to the satisfaction of our customers and to the Group’s future growth.

What we expect from new and experienced personnel

A clear market and customer orientation

A high degree of personal commitment and self-motivation

A communicative personality

Teamwork, flexibility and tolerance

The ability to work in a multicultural environment

Good language skills (particularly in specialist and management areas)

Decision-making skills

Willingness to learn and develop

Our company is united by integrity, dedication and social awareness. We promote the exchange of information, communication, training and continuous staff development. We encourage our workforce to think and act responsibly and entrepreneurially. Each member of our staff accepts responsibility for his or her own continuing development. Management ensures that all employees have the opportunities and support necessary for this purpose. Our staff development activities form an integral part of our strategic objectives. Every employee has an important part to play in our company that requires full commitment and that challenges his or her abilities and expertise in a new way every day. Our style of work and leadership is founded on cooperation and trust. Flexibility and teamwork are fundamental to our organizational structure and inter-personal relationships.

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