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  Indian Foodtech Limited


The production facilities in our plants have been established in accordance with FSSAI & ISO 22000. All production equipment's and machinery in our facilities are procured from world leading manufacturers like Lagarde - France, Leepak Packaging Machines - Korea, Cutters and Dicers - Urshel (U.S.A.), IQF - Octofrost (Sweden) etc.

The sophisticated machinery and equipments ensure top notch quality. Every production stage is fully computerized. Our R&D Department is staffed with specialists who exert their utmost to come up with new techniques to cater to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our plants are equipped with the following world famous machines / equipments:

Static Retort - Static Retort was procured from LAGARDE. LAGARDE is a French company which has 80 years of expertise in manufacturing retorts. The retort ensures long shelf life of our products. Products can be kept at room temperature. Retort allows maximum possible retention of nutrient and taste. The Retort is controlled by an industrial PC developed by Lagarde. The PC runs on Linux, a stable operating system not sensitive to virus. The Retort has been designed to meet European and FDA / USDA standards

IQF Freezer – The Octofrost Freezer was procured from IQF Frost AB, Sweden. The innovative design of Octofrost Freezer is based on decades of field experience by Mr.Ruben Larsson. The freezer has been keeping in view the international standards on quality & food safety. The fluidization technology of the freezer ensures best appearance, shape and natural colour of the frozen products. The freezer is confirms to FDA / USDA standards and the food safety is achieved up to maximum possible extent. Due to its innovative design, IQF Frost AB has received certificate for highest credit worthiness in the year 2010 - 2011.

Packaging Machines – The Packing machines have been procured from Leepack Co.Ltd.,Korea. The automatic Rotary filling and sealing machine of Leepack is best available machine in the world for Ready-to-eat segment for packing retorted pouches. The packing machine for frozen factory has been procured from Yamato Scale Co.Ltd Japan. The multi-head computer weigher is the best available in the world.

Integrated Line for Bottling and packaging - The Integrated line of bottling and packaging is procured from Four One s.r.l. Italy. This is unique and fully automated bottling line in a compact and modular design machine.

Comitrol Processor & Dicer – We have procured Comitrol Processor & Dicer from Urschel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., Singapore. Urshel is the best manufacturer of above machines in the world. The latest technology of Urshel ensures perfect size of the products.

As a conclusion, the plants of Indian Foodtech Ltd. are equipped with the machines / equipments of latest technology in the world. This allows us to ensure a steady supply of high quality products to our valued customers in domestic & international markets.

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